schmistory 101 Milka Kopecky, 1825 - 1873
Bet You Didn't Know...
Usage of the term 'spam' for junk e-mail came from 19th century housekeeper, Milka Kopecky, who was known for scolding the local mailman, saying, 'We don't need anything to spálit na popel [incinerate] today, sir!' while chasing him down the steet, broom in hand. In her anger, her speech became slurred prompting local children to call her spami pani [burny lady?]. (Incedently, some etymologists have posited that this is also how the term "charwoman" originated.)

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More Imaging: Art, Design, Multimedia, etc

genie furniture

Fine(r) Art

Some art works that I have done in the areas of Fibers, Photography, Digital Imaging, and drawing

Sequential Imagery/Storyboards


Mostly done in Flash

  • Guadalajara - I made this animation by cutting apart a photograph I took from the 12th floor of the Edeficio Cultural y Administrativo in Guadalajara, MX. When most people first glance at it, they tell me that they think it is a digital movie.

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  • Bouncing Crow - animated experiment using actionscript
  • CrowJazz - My first multimedia animation project

Design Drafts

  • Proposal - clean design for a brochure-ware site

    design proposal

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