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This week at e-music… La Cave Saravah by Various Artists

Monday, July 30th, 2007

La Cave Saravah – Most of the tracks on this compilation are pretty good but what really makes this album is, “For All We Know,” by Marva Broom and the Art Ensemble of Chicago (oh, how I wish there was an entire album from this pairing)… I can’t say enough about this song… take two parts late 60’s cheese plus 1 5/8 parts avante jazz group (AEOC)… Too damn short but serves 8-10! Speaks of what is to come in later years with AEOC and Fontella Bass, or “in Brazil” on there’s a Trumpet in My Soul from Archie Shepp… My favorite kind jazz/fusion from that era; The Jazz flows in and out… AEOC (especially Lester Bowie) and Shepp really excelled at it.

Also on this album are a couple of tracks from Brigitte Fontaine (one with Areski).

Some other good tracks that I can’t think of right now…

Hamid Drake, Albert Berger, William Parker

Tuesday, July 24th, 2007