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Webmonkey 2.0 launches!

Saturday, May 24th, 2008

Well, finally… after three months of stressing-out and working super late nights, the new webmonkey has launched! I was mostly leading the on the front-end work, but towards the end, I did get to work a little on the back-end: (spring config additions and minor server configuration issues).

It is pretty cool, though. So many different technologies were used: JSP, JSTL, PHP, Resin, Sitemesh, Mediawiki, Wordpress, Quercus, and a bunch more… (including my bread-and-buttah: XHTML, CSS, Javascript, XML) And some of them were integrated and/or used in new ways (at least for me)… For instance, we already used Sitemesh on Wired, but really just for decorators (page templates, essentially). For webmonkey, not only are there decorators but many of the page layouts are controlled via xml files that determine which page components go where AND aren’t build dependant, which must make Editorial and Business happy :) . This was especially important because Editorial wanted to be able to control all page content using the wiki but some parts of the page really need to have the additional stability and capability existent in the java layer.

And that’s just one cool thing about the new WM…  new Design – very cool…  Built on mediawiki, thus much more open to discussion – very cool…  Tagging enabled, which makes it easier to search for different things in different ways – trés chic…  ooh la la…

Paul (the tech lead) wanted to write a blog entry about everything that the team accomplished (and went through… :P ) to launch this project but because we all have so many other things going on right now, might not get a chance to work on anything too soon… Hopefully some of the knowledge gained from the development of this site will turn into a new WM article or two in the near future.

But worry not… There are quite a few top-notch talents writing new content for the site , and a lot of its best content was migrated to the wiki, AND the site is now a wiki so ANYone can write interesting material, so I’m sure that there’ll be no shortage of great, developer-bred material for some time to come…

(And the people say, “Long live Webmonkius Extrordinarius!!!”… Amen…)