database redesign

I’ve been thinking a lot about redoing my music site,, again.  Right now, the only thing it’s good for is searching my music collection but I would really love to make it more community driven/music-head friendly.  This being the case, I’m retooling the database a little.

When I first started keeping track of my music collection, I just used an Excel spreadsheet, and that worked fine.   After I finished grad school, though, when I had a little time for projects of my own, I converted it to a mysql database and put it online. It works fine as just a searchable list but now I think it’s time to make it more useful to other people…

Like everything with my personal web projects, I’m doing it all on the fly so we’ll see how it goes…

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2 Responses to “ database redesign”

  1. bimo Says: –>>> soon to be, musócalo…

  2. Holly Says:

    Just added a date purchased field and a ‘Most Recent Music” cell to the right rail on

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