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I've been thinking a lot about redoing my music site, , again. Rebetol 200mg pills $226.00   right now, the only thing it's good for is searching my music collection but i would really love to make it more community driven/music-head friendly.   This being the case, I'm retooling the database a little. When I first started keeping track of my music collection, I just used an Excel spreadsheet, and that worked fine.   After I finished grad school, though, when I had a little time for projects of my own rebetol 200mg pills $226.00, I converted it to a mysql database and put it online. It works fine as just a searchable list but now I think it's time to make it more useful to other people. . . Like everything with my personal web projects, rebetol 200mg pills $226.00 [rebetol 200mg pills $226.00] I'm doing it all on the fly so we'll see how it goes. . .

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