schmistory 101 Humphrey Hasbrouck, 1835-1910
Bet You Didn't Know...
Humphrey Hasbrouk, butler for well-known Canadian philanthropist, Pater Redrun, coined the term 'Web 2.0' 80 years before the earliest form of the Internet. A stickler about keeping his employer's home spotless, Humphrey was known to go from room to room exclaiming to the rest of the staff, "Sitting room: webs, three! Back hall: webs one! Foyer: webs, two! Oh!" The lesser staff members mocked him behind his back saying, "Look out! Here comes 'Web Two Oh!'"

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Current Work/Past/Clients

Development/User Experience Expertise

Eurasmus' favorite chair This is some of the design and development work I have done professionally, whether working as an independant contactor or as an employee of another company.

Wenner Media - Web Development Manager

  • - High traffic celebrity news (gossip :P) site (in Quantcast top 150, Alexa's top 1000). We completed one reskinning and numerous other features on old site. Then we finished a major site overhaul (cms,front-, and back-end), moving the site from drupal to the LAMP framework, Symfony. After almost two years, we reskinned the site and added some new functionality.
    • - In this project we built the mobile version of on a super tight schedule in under a month.
  • Men's Journal - This site is still growing and doing well even though people still don't want to put much time and energy into it. It seems like as our development team continues to grow, some people are looking to expand's reach, which I am psyched about. I've added some new sections and features, worked on SEO optimization, and helped to keep traffic increasing. Has some interesting articles. Maybe a redesign will be coming in 2011...
  • - A first redesign for this site launched in April of 2010 on a faulty implementation of a JAva framework. The site relaunched at the end of 2010 now on the Symfony platform. Some parts of the site that I have worked on include:
    • digital archives (RS AllAccess)
    • allaccess member landing page
    • RSlive - version 2010
    • the album and song review landing pages
    • SEO with feeds and sitemaps
    • site optimization
    • various advertiseing microsites
    • - In this project we built the mobile version of on a super tight schedule in under a month.
  • Various other web properties, includeing Rollingstone soundingboard, Access Men's Journal,, set up the mj and usmag development environments/development workflow, including an internal bug-tracking system, internal knowledge management system (wiki), etc

Web Product Management Portfolio

Condénet - Senior Front-End Web Developer

  • - worked with a team of super high-achieving web engineers here to take into the next generation of web apps.
  • - lead the front-end dev team in this ultra high-pressure redesign of this web developers mainstay as a wiki.

Educational Institutions

  • Grace and St Peter's School - GASP needed a good promotional site that gave people a better understanding of their educational mission and many qualities. They also needed it to act as a broadcasting point for time-sensitive school information for the greater GASP community. The site is based around a low-cost, easy-to-manage CMS solution. - information architecture, design, development
  • Baltimore Freedom Academy - no longer active - BFA wanted a site that did a better job of giving prospective students/parents insight into the character of the school while also being an information disemination point for school news and events. An easy-to-manage CMS solution was added which allows them to update all of the site's pages that have time-sensitive material. Also, with the addition of a student podcast section, it has also become a learning tool for students and multimedia promotional device for prospective students and media outlets. - ia, design, development
    • BFA podcast - over the semester, I met with a group of BFA students and taught them: 1) how to record their own podcasts 2) general media communications skills 3) how to use the new CMS to upoload the podcast and add text to it 4) basic internet concepts - greater involvement (volunteering)


  • Philanthropic Ventures - design
  • MICPEL - For this organization, I worked in a small team to come up with recommendations for a new site information architecture - ia
  • Carrolltion Ridge - The neighborhood of Carrolton Ridge wanted a site for prospective home owners that touted the benefits of the community. - design, development, production


  • Drilling Technique, LTD - In this long-term relationship, the DTL website was taken from clunky, table-based brochure-ware to a sleeker website both graphically and in coding term. I also worked with their marketers to conceptualize additional marketing and "humanizing" pages to make their site a larger part of their business. - ia, design, development, web strategy
  • Shorebest Chemical - basically an online catalog - ia, design, development
  • George Glazer Gallery - for this large antique gallery's site I produced numerous item pages and sections (including graphics creation and stylesheets) as well as assisted in the maintenance, upkeep, and organization of this large site.- development, production
  • HighShear new redesign (proposal)- design
  • ahsodes - previous version - ia, design, development.
  • usability improvement recommendations

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