11) It seems to come out of nowhere; Mu feels a gust of air hit the back of his neck
1.51.5) he starts to look up, and then he feels a light smack on the back of his head. He feels his hair yanked a little and his head jerks forward.
22) His head instinctively whips up and he sees Rho tearing away, through the crowd of his pals who chatter and laugh. Mu feels the blood rise to his face as his muscles tense up.
33) He throws his backpack to the macadam and springs up in pursuit of the little mischief maker.
44) Seeing this reaction, Rho wheels around to taunt Mu with the stolen hat.
55) Kids from all corners of the playground sense the growing tension and turn to watch the confrontation even as they slowly inch closer to the conflict’s gravity.
66) Mu, flailing with anger, charges straight for his foe but just before he gets within reach,
6.56.5) Rho drops the L.A. Lakers cap and nimbly dodges his pursuer’s outstretched hand.
77) As he decelerates and circles around, Mu’s eyes are fixed on the cap. His cadence seems to loose its sense of urgency as the sprint turns to a shuffle.
7.57.5) The other kids are still keeping careful track of the conflict’s status as they continue their conversations about girls and dweebs and sports and movies.
88) Mu bends over to pick up his hat at the feet of one of these chatting groups when, from out of nowhere,
99) Rho leaps out from behind a group of his friends, grabs the hat and takes off again, this time
1010) with Mu right on his heels.
1111) Sprinting between the parked cars and aided by his minions, Rho quickly puts some distance between the two;
11.511.5) the pudgy Mu, obviously tired, has resorted to walking while, hands on hips, he catches his breath.
1212) Rho plants his feet far apart, holds the cap up on his head and wiggles his butt, taunting poor Mu
12.512.5) who, knowing a direct affront to his already wimpy rep when he sees it, takes off in a sprint again.
1313) Rho tries to lose his pursuer by weaving in and out and around the other kids but
1414) Mu reaches around and grabs a handful of jacket.
1515) Rho’s hands go up, the hat flys through the air and he shouts, “Hey! Lay off the shirt! If you rip it, I swear my mama’s gonna kill you!” 
1616) Mu immediately lets go and again turns to get his purple cap.
1717) Rho turns around again and gives Mu a little shove.
1818) The taunted child, springs up - back straight, fists in the air, feet moving back and forth
1919) the way he’d seen Sugar Ray do before – and inches towards his opponent.
2020) Now the dual really has the other kids’ attention. Cheers and Jeers fly through the air, raising Mu’s energy...
2121) but obviously worrying Rho.
2222) The troublemaker takes an open fisted swing that glances off his target’s forearm
2323) Mu’s combination - left jab, left jab, right hook – don’t look like they hurt a lot, but effectively put the impish Rho in his place.
2424) One kid jumps out between the two to break up the two combatants.
2526) Mu turns to pick up his things and  Rho tosses out insults while pretending to be really held back .