schmistory 101 Jaques Tatouxis, 1880-1923
Bet You Didn't Know...
The first predecessor to online forums was started by French postal worker Jaques Tatouxis in 1905. Because of his occupation, Jaques had access to hundreds of Parisian gripes about la Poste and other complaints of city life at the turn of the century. twice a year, he would throw party and distribute a newsletter compilation of said complaint letters to all in attendance who would spend the night acting out the parts of the sender.

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Research & Web Test Portfolio

These are some other mainly IT projects that I have done either for school or just for fun. Many of them can be grouped according to my other, non-IT-based interests, even though most of them are all web-based.

"web 2.0"

  •, video bulletin board for victims of disaster - a novel, web-based disaster response site. Conceived of to utillize the collective intelligence of the world's netizens, include a system for collaborative improvements, and take advantage of as well as promote unaffiliated volunteerism.
  • Chercheur de Musique (My music collection artist suggest - see search box at left) - oooo-weeee! AJAZian fun for all!.. sort of... Leads to my half-baked music catalog site,

information visualization

  • Web Audio management Representations for XHUG and WFMU


  • My Random Music Cloud - Hooked in to my music database, randomly displays artists in my collection sized according to how many albums I own.
  • XHUG Fonoteca Virtual - This is a prototype audio archive catalog and search web ap that I did as part of a summer internship for XHUG, Guadalara, MX
    • administrative controls - This data management admin tool would allow administrative staff to add and modify data about individual shows
    • auto-generated podcast feed - the admin tool also automatically updates the rss feed when new programs are added.
  • Bmoremus - music site (superceded by

usability testing, interface, & interaction design


  • Bouncing Crow - animated experiment using actionscript
  • CrowJazz - My first multimedia animation project

web culture research

  • Freecycle Survey - In this study data was gathered from over 800 repondents to in an attempt to discover what, if any, was the economic effect of

languages & the web


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