schmistory 101 Humphrey Hasbrouck, 1835-1910
Bet You Didn't Know...
Humphrey Hasbrouk, butler for well-known Canadian philanthropist, Pater Redrun, coined the term 'Web 2.0' 80 years before the earliest form of the Internet. A stickler about keeping his employer's home spotless, Humphrey was known to go from room to room exclaiming to the rest of the staff, "Sitting room: webs, three! Back hall: webs one! Foyer: webs, two! Oh!" The lesser staff members mocked him behind his back saying, "Look out! Here comes 'Web Two Oh!'"

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Product Portfolio

The following are just a few of the products that I have helped define in my last position.

Rollingstone CMS Bulk Image upload[wireframe/mock-up]Rollingstone CMS Bulk Image upload - 2012
(requirements gathering, UI/UX/Functional specs, wireframes)

For this project I gathered requests/requirements from both editors and developers and used these findings to write the specifications and create the wireframes.[spec doc] Elimination Grid[comp] Elimination Grid - 2011
(requirements gathering, UI/UX/Functional specs)

In this project, editors wanted to be able to have a sort of game that users could vote for which contestant would be voted off of an elimination-type show. some grids are still active .[spec doc]

Rollingstone GA Event Tracking[spec doc]Rollingstone GA Event Tracking - 2011
(requirements gathering, Technical specs, wireframes)

For this project I researched the technology, gathered requirements from Analytics Team and wrote these specs for the developers.

Men's Journal Galleries (requirements, design, development)

For this project I was given the request and gathered requirements from business, researched the technology, and built this template to fit with the rest of the site.

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