add words part 1

Screen 4a - Type or paste specific words to be filtered. 'Paste' applies only if the user remembered to copy the words to be filtered in step 0a before going to the tools menu. Having to type the phrase directly would slow the user down, not to mention the fact that it would require that she remembers the exact words, spelling, and/or phrasing used in the e-mail(s) to be filtered.

Exacerbating any delays created here is the fact that it isn't possible to go back to the view of the model target (the e-mail/s that inspired the rule creation). The only way to go back is to close all three windows, go to the model e-mail (either an already open window or search through the folder that it is in), copy the phrase, go to Tools > Message Rules > Mail, either find the rule that was started or click 'New,' which might mean that there is an extra uncompleted or faulty rule which is active.

This is probably the worst thing about Microsoft's chosen method of rule creation; it relies on the user to either anticipate all of the information that she will need to complete the task, which would require expert-level knowledge, and/or rely on the user's highly volatile short-term memory. next>>





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